Empowering youth with computer programming education and professional experiences

Mission Bit inspires public school students with coding education and industry experiences to build products students are connected to and make better lives for themselves.

Student and Mentor Stories

"Passion Reflected"

"Changed Everything"

Why It Matters

  • 50% of San Francisco's public high schools do not offer any kind of computer science class.
  • Local businesses scour the globe for top talent, we want to provide more opportunities to our community.
  • Many skilled programmers would love to teach, but need an organization like Mission Bit to make it feasible.

What Makes Mission Bit Unique?

'What are you interested in building?'

Mission Bit programs start with this simple, yet powerful, question. From that starting point, Mission Bit mentors help students learn the technologies, processes and approaches, used on the job, to build products the students care about. This differs from the standard approach of teaching students what they should know and trying hard to make the instruction and lessons relevant to each individual student.

Who We Are

Mission Bit is a non-profit that offers free programming classes taught by experienced engineers and entrepreneurs to San Francisco public school students. We provide everything the students need, they just need to show up and be eager to learn. No prior experience required.

We give students the opportunity to learn directly from successful engineers and entrepreneurs who enjoy sharing knowledge and want to give back to the community. We're focused on project based learning and aim to teach both core computer science concepts as well as the practical skills and technologies that are required to build web sites and applications today.

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Supporting Partners

2014/2015 School Year

Hot Press

MissionBit’s Volunteer Hackers Close The Computer Science Education Gap In SF’s Schools

by Kim-Mai Cutler, Feb 5, 2014

"MissionBit brings in developers from the industry to teach pro-bono classes." Read More »

Disrupting the Classroom

by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, June 17, 2014

"There's a broken education pipeline between local schools and the tech sector, both sides admit. The new effort by Mission Bit and HackReactor may be a first step towards plugging the leak. If the program is successful, subsequent iterations may establish the first stable pathway to technology sector jobs for San Francisco students." Read More »

After-School Programs That Make a Difference

by Lainna Fader, Sept 9, 2014

"Mission Bit is a nonprofit offering free coding classes for public school students in San Francisco with priority given to girls and ethnic minorities." Read More »