Ways to Help

This community is in need. There are many problems in this neighborhood. Some of the problems in the neighborhood are that the streets are not clean, people lack food, lack homes, and lack meals. A couple ways to help the community out is by volunteering to clean up the streets, volunteering to hand out food or teaching people how to use electronic devices.

image source: sfcitizen.com

The streets are not the cleanest of them all and they can use some help to clean them. You can volunteer to clean the streets by picking up garbage with a group of people or you can organize something on your own. You can contact San Francisco Public works to try to set with group of people a clean up crew.

Here's a link to volunteer
call (415) 641-2600 to volunteer, get supplies for your own cleanup or offer suggestions on neighborhood projects.

image source: sfpublicpress.org

Many people in the neighborhood do not get a chance to have multiple meals or any meals a day. St. Anthony's Dining Hall is a place where many people in need come to get a meal. Here you can volunteer by serving food to the people that come for their meal. You can sign up to volunteer at the St. Anthony website.
Here's the link for more info on how to volunteer

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Most people that live in this neighborhood lack the knowledge of how to use any electronic device. Here in the St. Anthony Tech Lab you can come and help teach people how to use a computer. This will be a valuable skill for them, or anyone, to learn as the world we live in keeps using technology more and more. As it is part of the St. Anthony foundation, you can sign up to volunteer or look further into this at their website
Here's a link to their website