After Highschool

It's simple, get into a good college. In my opinion, I think that college is the number one choice for highschool graduates, unless you're a genius. But it's not just any college, especially the ones that are easy to get into. I want to get into colleges like Stanford, or UC Berkeley. But why go through all that trouble to get in only to find out that it could be too difficult to stay in? Well thats because in tough colleges, you can learn a lot, have a potential profession. Even if you end up jobless, and you can't find a well paid job, as long as you got a good degree from that awesome college, you can always find an easier and moderate paying job easily, and you may even be overqualified for it. Not only is it easy for you to find a job, but the type of people who are in that college may be good influences to you as well. Most of these people could be smart and intelligient, and having friends like these may be a great benefit to you. Make things harder for yourself now, and things will be easier later.