Souvla offers a California twist on the classic Greek Gyro. With fresh, organic ingredients the Souvla kitchen crafts a tasty sandwich or salad. A hallmark decoration of a Souvla storefront is it's rotisserie, where racks of chicken are sizzled golden brown and covered in rich juices. Here you can find an affordable night out, but beware! With all the savory side dishes such as succulent potatoes or crispy fries you might find an empty wallet and a full belly. Souvla also offers dessert options where my personal favorie is the baklava.


A small storefront tucked into the corner of San Francisco's 10th Avenue and Irving, Manna serves up inexpensive, Korean comfort food. Popular with locals, a line can be found out the door during most hours of the day but should you be lucky enough to snag a table be prepared to have your tastebuds tantalized with flavors of old world Korea. Writers' recommendations are: the seafood soft tofu soup, kimchi fried rice, dry-fried chicken, and bibimbab. They also have a great selection of "banchan", or accompanying sidedishes to every meal.

San Tung

San Tung stands as a local landmark for long time residents of San Francisco. Renowned for their famous dried fried chicken they serve plate after plate of their sweet 'n spicy version of fried chicken. Lines are notoriuously long with customers even lining up before they open to claim a table for dinner service. Luckily, there is an identical store right next door named "San Tung #2" that serves the same exact menu, although slightly limited. Have no fear however, as the secondary storefront maintains their famous chicken on the menu. Personal recommendations include: Dried Sauteed String Beans, Dry Fried Chicken, Dry Fried Flounder, Pork Dumplings, and Shrimp Dumplings.