Zazie's, a fantastic breakfast spot located in Cole Valley, attracts families and hipsters from all over the Bay Area. They're best known for their French Toast Tahiti and their fantastically-prepared, diverse-variety of eggs. This place is a MUST GO. Caution: Always crowded, maximum wait time is one hour and a half. Location: 941 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Kitchen Story

Kitchen Story is one of Emily's favorite brunch places! It's an Asian fushion and has a lot of classic California dishes. Honestly, you probably won't go wrong with any dish you try. Location: 3499 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Kevin's Noodle House

Kevin's noodle house is by far the best pho place that I have tried(Mike). It serves a variety of differently prepared noodle dishes that are all deliciously filling. This place is a HAVE TO TRY! Benefits: There is always a lot of room, filling portions(tending to run for too much food), and quick serving.