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Mission Bit CS Instructor’s Assistants:

Mission Bit is calling on those with a passion for code and social justice to join our team and dedicate their skills towards uplifting Bay Area high school students by closing the tech divide. As a TA, you will be supporting instructors and connecting with students to provide an engaging and welcoming classroom environment!

This is a part-time position at $25.00 per hour.

Check our website for this semester’s start and end dates. The full list of courses, including descriptions, offering times and locations can be found on our website, at

Why teach with Mission Bit?

Social justice and computer science education are used to empower minority students and females to navigate the tech industry. We believe that every student should have access to a STEM education, confidence in their abilities, and guidance for college and career aspirations.

Primary Responsibilities:

Minimum Qualifications:

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to [email protected].
Title email subject line as “Application for TA - Course(s) Preference - Your Full Name”.
All applicants must be willing to take a technical skills assessment test.