Who We Are

Mission Bit strives to eliminate the tech divide for youth living in urban poverty and rural areas across the San Francisco Bay Area by building computer programming and professional opportunity pathways for public school students. We provide everything the students need, they just need to show up and be eager to learn. No prior experience required.

We give students the opportunity to learn directly from successful engineers and entrepreneurs who enjoy sharing knowledge. We're focused on project based learning and aim to teach both core computer science concepts as well as the practical skills and technologies that are required to build web sites and applications today.


Stevon Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Juliana de Heer

Director of Curriculum & Technology

Devon Schechinger

Program Manager

Davontae Foxx-Drew

Program Manager

Noel Tamayo

Executive Assistant


Brendan Kelly


Karlen Kirkland

Instructor's Assistant

Elias Lawson-Fox


Charrell Sherman

Instructor's Assistant

Colin Bean


Talia Simanski

Instructor's Assistant

Ryan Shee


Stephen Yu

Instructor's Assistant

Benny Lichtner


Syn Parker

Instructor's Assistant

Board of Directors

Brian Clark

CEO & Founder at HDP Health

Clive Downie

CMO, Unity Technologies

Daneen Keaton

Education Coach, National Equity Project

Bob Ippolito

Entrepreneur, Maker of Things

Jill McNay

Marketing Professional

Abhay Kumar

Sharon Olken

Executive Director, Gateway Public Schools

Jeff Schnitz

SVB Wealth Advisory, Inc.

Michael Walker